Today, Wednesday the 10th of june is the national Go-Out-and-Play-Day (Buitenspeeldag). Here are our 6x sportive play tips for Buitenspeeldag 2020!

After months of home schooling and half classrooms our kids get to go to school again for the whole week. Time for some movement after a long day of learning. Get ready to have some outdoor playing fun! Have fun with these six sportive play tips for Buitenspeeldag 2020! And there are more tips if you follow the links below the page!

Create your own racing track

Get started with different colors of chalk and draw a race track on the sidewalk. Let your imagination go, everything is possible. After all, it’s your fantasy race track! Grab your cars and make it a real race!

De Buitenspeeldag 2020

Creative Play Water Course

Nice for a hot day! Make a fun water trail with obstacles or a slalom with a bucket at the end. Put a bowl of water on your head and go! How much water do you have left at the end?

Sportive Soccer Score

You cut different figures in an old sheet or piece of cardboard. Below the figures you put the score with a thick black marker. Try to shoot the ball through the figures. Whoever scores the most points after three times wins!

Big Bubble Stick

Find large sticks and a piece of string with a ring attached to it. Double the rope and tie it at the ends of the poles. Soak it in a water and soap mix and make the most beautiful big bubbles.

Sidewalk curves

Throw the ball on the curb of the opponent. You earn points if you throw on the edge and the ball rolls or bounces back to your half. Whoever gets 15 points first wins!

Old Dutch ‘Spijker poepen’

Yes, we are pooping nails in bottles. Take an empty bottle, a nail and a long cord. Tie the cord around your hips with a nail at the bottom. The intention is to get the nail into the bottle by sitting down if you are on the toilet. Whoever gets the nail in first, wins!

All images: De Buitenspeeldag 2020

More tips!

Find more tips and games on the official ‘Buitenspeeldag‘ website from Jantje Beton.

Topsitters wishes you and your children a sportive and sunny Buitenspeeldag 2020! So get ready to have some outdoor playing fun with these 6x sportive play tips for Buitenspeeldag 2020!

Topsitters, teaching children skills!