About Topsitters

Why we help children grow

Topsitter ~ a person who, out of passion, likes to share his or her talent with children in a loving way, and at the same time looks after their safety and well-being.

About Topsitters

What started as a Facebook page to find good babysitters for our own children, has grown into a platform for sitters with talents and skills. It is our dream to make the world a little more beautiful by sharing our talents with the younger generation.

Our goal is to let children discover and develop their passions and talents. What makes them happy? How can we let them grow their self-confidence? How do we teach them perseverance? We want to contribute to society by enriching children.

We believe that, especially in these times of boundlessness and screen culture, it is of great importance that children learn to express and develop themselves creatively, for example with music, art, sports, nature activities and much more.

Research has shown that this has not only a positive influence on a child’s IQ, but also on their EQ, especially when we start from an early age. A child with high EQ excels in creativity and emotion, but also in skills such as resolution, compassion and intuition.

We want to raise children to become balanced personalities who know what their strengths are. Being aware of their talents, they will be much more self-aware in life and better prepared for a future of which we do not yet know what it will look like.

our Founders

Marianne Bos

Topsitters started in Ouderkerk aan de Amstel, where Marianne Bos, mother of Valentijn (2012) and Anne-Mare (2014), started a forum for babysitting services ((T)Oppas Ouderkerk aan de Amstel). Soon, with 500+ members, it became clear to her that there is a need for good care and babysitting addresses.


our goal is to help children discover their passions and develop their talents.

Denise Zijlstra

Denise has been organising events with great pleasure and passion for many years and ran a successful events agency in London. She has an eye for hospitality, ethics and quality. As a parent, she is closely involved in a new primary school that embraces the new learning. She is the mother of two daughters, Faye (2010) and Olivia (2013).


Our Sitters

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