Amsterdam Autumn Break Tips for kids!

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Read our Amsterdam Autumn Break Tips

Autumn holiday for kids is just around the corner. Topsitters has listed a number of tips to do with the family or your sitter during the holidays. These are our Amsterdam Autumn Break Tips!


Indoor autumn break tips

  • Learn and discover all about our Dutch Colony Suriname at the new exhibition; Sabi Suriname at the Tropenmuseum!
  • At NEMO Amsterdam you can enjoy extra workshops and demonstrations. In the Maker Space, for instance, you can make your own cog wheels and learn to program your own computer game.
  • Celebrate with Ernst, Bobbie and the rest at their new show at the New De La Mar theatre; Ernst and Bobbie got the assignment to bring a rare animal back to the jungle, but as always a lot goes wrong.
  • A great heater show ‘Getting lost’ by Magician Jahon in the Amstelveen Puppet Theatre. In his performance ‘Verdwalen’ Jahon takes you into a story full of magic, music and puppetry. (4+)
  • Do you love chocolate as much as we do? At the ‘ProefLab’ at the Zaans Museum, you can work with the whole family on cocoa and chocolate tastings.
  • All children between the ages of 3 and 14 can enjoy themselves at Cinekid: the Film, Television and New Media Festival of the Netherlands.


Outside autumn break tips

  • The Jaap Eden ice skating track is open for some real ice-skating fun. Afterward you can warm yourself up with a nice hot chocolate and whipped cream at the cafe. Indoor skating rink also available
  • From 19 October to 27 October there will be lots of special activities at ARTIS Zoo. Special talks by the Zookeepers about various animals, such as the Lions, Elephants, Gorillas, Penguins and many more. Hear Artis’s scientists talk about microbes. Or book your Spacetrip at the planetarium.
  • At het Amsterdamse Bos an activity is planned for every single day. Searching for creepy crawlers, walk through the forest with ‘a Forest Ranger’, Night climbing at Fun Forest, Detective Treasure hunt, Gruffalo theatre show and more.
  • Our favorite places and forest for finding beautiful mushrooms is de Hooge Vuursche near Hilversum. The cafe ‘Buiten in de Kuil’ serves a great lunch and cakes. Kids can play outside, balance on the slackline, run down the hill or roast marshmallows at the campfire.
  • OERRR is the kids department of Natuurmonumenten. Have you ever visited their s’ Graveland visitors centre with their beautiful natural playground and cafe. In the forest, surrounded by beautiful mansion dating from the Golden Century, children can do various treasure hunts based on their interest and age. For special events and dates check :

Have fun

Have fun and don’t forget to bring your welly boots and bag to bring home all your collected treasures from the forest!

Amsterdam Autumn Break Tips




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