The prince kissed snow white and they lived happily ever after! Who didn’t grow up with it? But how did I imagine my happiness? How I went from rating my life from a six to a ten! After my studies, I met my prince at the age of 25, we went to live together in London, I started my own business, we got 2 beautiful daughters. Back in the Netherlands we bought a house and went on vacation at least twice a year. Sounds very happy right? But it didn’t feel that way, I felt insecure, vulnerable and I was particularly worried that it could all be taken away from me. I lived my filled life path, I often had nice and pleasant days, but also regularly off days, in which I was dizzy or grumpy and irritable for no apparent reason. For a time I did my best to be perfect, to prove myself, hoping that people would see how well I did and would like it. What I didn’t realize is that no one was interested and it was especially important that I liked myself. I found myself ok, and gave my life just a 6. The funny thing was that I really had a fantastic life, I had nice friends who went through fire for me, did my job well and with pleasure, I had a man who carried me on his hands, but I just didn’t feel it myself. And what a shame, because I now know I am 10. Not everyone’s 10, but my own 10. When our oldest turned 6, we decided to move from London to picturesque Amstelveen. The Spartan learning system did not really fit in with our own vision and so my girls ended up in a new innovative school in Amstelveen. “At this school every student is seen for who he is and the attitude to life is central.” All exciting promises were made and I had to see something like that first, then believe it. But what I never expected is that this school would not only have a positive impact on my child’s attitude to life, but also on my own attitude to life. Apart from the start of my personal growth and since then I have started to love life immensely, this school has been an eye opener and an inspiration that Marianne and I started Topsitters together. Because we think it is important that every child is seen for who he is, stands with confidence in life and has the tools to determine his own happiness and thus contributes to a better society. That is why I want to take you through this blog and let you benefit from these life lessons that have brought us so much beauty. So I’m going to talk about what makes children really happy, growth mindset and perseverance, collaboration, character strengths, and much more. So stay tuned! Love, Denise Topsitters, teaching children skills!