Do you know these days when everything you have planned goes the way it should? Not me, and I’m very proud of that!

Of course you have the sports clubs, play dates, groceries, besides that I am absolutely the “mama di casa”. And at our school you have to be very embarrassed when you’re late. Including a note to pick up and a reprimanding finger from the teacher! To the parent(s), our children are 5 & 6. But they are ashamed of themselves. Oops…

But other than that, I’m not worried about it (anymore!!). Why? Several factors. I’m not worried about what “the world” thinks of us. That doesn’t mean that I don’t listen to people, I just don’t accept and take over everything promptly. I don’t stick to my planning by default either. So what, we order pizza instead of that extensive vegetable stew. And yes, we had planned the Zoo, but the kids like baking a cake and building huts in the house that day more. Also good.

Our house regularly exudes complete anarchy. Baking remains in the kitchen, painter and glue gunk everywere, shreds on the floor, our windows are often half a museum in itself.

And in many cases there is a lot of sound coming from the speakers as well as from my children and their friends.

After all, rules and plans (making) are not goals in themselves. It should lead to, having fun, feeling good, being together, learning, laughing, loving, reminiscing! These have become my goals.

Not perfect is perfection for me.

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