Our unique Topsitters approach

How our platform brings families and Topsitters together

1. Find your Match

2. Make contact

3. Book your Topsitter

Our Topsitters platform brings families and Topsitters together. It is unique because our Sitters provide an extra skill to teach the children. Both families and Sitters have their own profile page with a little bio, some pictures and their background.

Parents fill out a search query through the SEARCH page, for their desired date, place  and language. The platform will generate an overview of Topsitters that are available and match the family’s preferences.

Our Topsitters have all offer different talents and skills: think of Topsitters available for a game of tennis, singing classes and even for tutoring maths. Besides different talents, all of our Topsitters are all 16+ and personally interviewed by us.

Parents can select up to three Topsitters and then send a booking request through our platform. The first Topsitter to accept gets the booking. Parents can tell a little more about their expectations and other necessities.

Besides teaching children skills, we also want to make parents live easier. We will make sure that the house is being kept neatly, with a clean sink and a tidied-up room. Many of our Sitters can cook and will gladly prepare a meal for the whole family.

The Sitter will start a session by pushing the start button on our site and finish button at the end, which automatically sends out a link for payment. Easy as that!

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