Rules of Conduct for Sitters

General rules for the sitters of the Topsitters platform

Rules of Conduct

Sitters who provide their services via our Topsitters intermediary agency shall be fully aware of the Rules of Conduct (“the Rules”), as listed in the below articles, and commit themselves to acting accordingly.

Topsitters is eager to work with you as a Sitter, because you are responsible, fun, positive, entrepreneurial, inspiring and proactive. Topsitters considers it essential for Sitters to be conscious of the fact that he/she is there to provide premium quality childcare services to the parents, carers and/or companies purchasing these services (“the Users”). The conduct of the Sitter towards the Users and especially towards the child(ren) should also be of premium quality. The Rules contain elements that the Sitter must adhere to in order to ensure a reliable, safe and above all, enjoyable environment for the Sitter, the User and in particular, the child(ren).


Article 1 General

1.1      Should the Sitter fail to comply with any of the Rules, Topsitters shall contact the Sitter to discuss any wrongdoing. If there appears to be any serious breach of the Rules, Topsitters will terminate all contact and collaboration with the Sitter. Any form of (sexual) intimidation and/or violence will immediately be reported to the authorities.

1.2      Sitters are personally fully responsible and liable for damages and the resulting costs thereof subsequent from the provision of their services, or from a wrongful act or otherwise, to the extent permitted by mandatory law.

Sitters are themselves responsible for taking out (civil) liability insurance, WA and any other insurance the Sitter may require.

1.3      Sitters are themselves responsible for the declaration of income tax and any payment of (social) contributions.

1.4      Reachability and Availability

The Sitter is required to accurately fill in his/her availability on the Topsitters platform. In the event of any change in availability and/or a confirmed childcare booking, the Sitter is then required to adjust said changes on the Topsitters platform as soon as possible. The Sitter is free to determine and offer his/her available hours.

1.4.1   The Sitter is required to be available to be contacted at all times, including during evenings and weekends.

During a booking, the Sitter is required to be easily contacted by the User and Topsitters at all times.

1.4.2   The Sitter is aware of the fact that last-minute bookings are an occurrence and can be reached and is available for this purpose.

1.5      Cancellation

1.5.1  The Sitter can cancel a booking only if he/she has a justified and necessary reason to do so, such as illness, cold sores (with a planned babysitting service for children under 4 years of age) or serious family circumstances. Cancellation must be made 24 hours before the start of a booking.

The Sitter is required to call Topsitters at 06-40501862 and NOT the User.

If Topsitters is not available, the Sitter will continue contact attempts with Topsitters up to the point that someone from Topsitters has been informed. 

Cancellations shall be made via Topsitters at all times.

1.5.2   In the event of more than two cancellations within a period of 6 months of an accepted booking, Topsitters will at that time reconsider its collaboration with the Sitter in greater detail.

1.6      Representative

The Sitter is to take into consideration the norms, values and customs of the environment he/she is working in. The Sitter is required to have a well-groomed and representative appearance.

The Sitter ensures that he/she starts a booking healthy, well rested and clear of mind.

1.6.1   The Sitter shall remain polite in his/her communication with the Users at all times. If there are any issues or concerns with the User in question, the Sitter shall discuss these with Topsitters.

1.6.2   The Sitter shall not wear any heavy perfumes and/or inappropriate clothing, such as short skirts, crop tops, low cut tops etc.

1.6.3   The Sitter is forbidden to smoke during a booking and ensures that there is no trace of smoke on him/her at the start of the booking.

1.6.4   The Sitter will ensure that he/she is not under the influence of any form of alcohol and/or drugs at the start of a booking.

1.6.5   The Sitter is strictly forbidden to use any form of alcohol and/or drugs during a booking.


Article 2 Emergency situation

2.1      The Sitter shall remain with the child(ren) at all times.

2.2   The Sitter shall call the User and/or emergency number specified by the User.

2.3   The Sitter shall remain on location until his/her services are deemed no longer necessary.

2.4   The Sitter shall contact Topsitters within 4 hours regarding the situation that has taken place.


Article 3 The sitting service

Commencement of service

3.1      The Sitter shall ensure that he/she arrives at the User’s premises on time!

In the event that the Sitter should arrive later than expected, he/she shall contact the User and Topsitters directly and in advance!

3.2      Before the booking commences, the Sitter shall inform the User who he/she is and what his/her competencies and skills are.

3.3      The Sitter shall discuss with the User the details of the booking in advance.  The Sitter is required to inform on the needs, habits (sleeping rituals, bedtime, etc.), standards and values of the child(ren). The Sitter shall also discuss with the User which activities he/she is planning with the child(ren).

Should there be any need for clarity, Topsitters can of course be contacted if the User is not available.


3.4    In service

As a Sitter you deliver top quality service! That is the reason why we want to work with you! You are cheerful, fun, enterprising, positive, pro-active, energetic etc.

As a Sitter, you possess self-control in stressful situations. You shall not scream, use force or non-verbal and/or verbal violence. 

Any behaviour in terms of violence is strictly prohibited.

3.5      The Sitter shall refrain from any and all forms of sexual behaviour towards the child(ren) and/or the User!

Should the Sitter believe that he/she is a victim of sexual behaviour or if he/she suspects such behaviour, he/she shall contact Topsitters directly.

3.6      The Sitter shall be able to make and/or receive necessary calls at any time. He/she will ensure that a charged telephone with sufficient call credit is available.

3.7      The Sitter is expected to pay attention to the child(ren) and not to their mobile phone. Private conversations, snapchat, whatsapp, messenger etc. should be kept to a minimum.

3.8      The Sitter shall strive to remain in close vicinity to the child(ren) at all times and is alert to dangers. The Sitter is responsible for the safety of the child(ren)!                    

Examples of hazards (This list is not exhaustive)

Suffocation risk

*Small and/or sharp objects or toy parts which are detachable with children under the age of 4 years old.

*Large pieces of fruit, cherry tomatoes, grapes etc. (always cut into smaller pieces!)


*Hot saucepans/induction plates, boiling water, teapots, kettles, cups, hot milk/bottles, sunburn (sunscreen/hats/caps) etc.                      


*Children should never be left unattended in the vicinity of water – bath, pool, pond, lake, sea etc.                   


*Stairs, high climbing structures, changing tables etc.


*Hazardous substances such as detergents, cleaning supplies, paint, clay, etc.

3.9      The Sitter is required to maintain excellent hygiene during his/her service. This is important for both the child(ren) and for the environment in which the child(ren) reside(s). The Sitter shall keep their surroundings clean and tidy.

3.10    The Sitter shall consult the User if he/she suspects that a child is ill or injured.

3.11    In the event of prolonged crying, the Sitter shall contact the User for consultation.

3.12    The Sitter shall not invite another person to the booking premises during his/her service. No family, friends, boy/girlfriends etc.

3.13    The Sitter shall not open the door to strangers.

3.14    As soon as the User has returned to the premises, the Sitter shall discuss the course of the booking with the User and inform on any significant occurrences.

3.15    In the event of a negative experience with a particular User, the Sitter shall contact Topsitters within 24 hours of the end of the booking.

3.16    In case of extreme urgency the Sitter shall call the emergency services on the national alarm number 112.


Article 4 Privacy

Topsitters highly and truly values the privacy of their Users! The Sitter is aware of the consequences of sharing privacy-sensitive information and shall not share photos of or information about the child(ren) and/or the child(ren)’s environment with third parties or Social Media.

4.1      The Sitter shall respect the privacy of the User, their environment and their child(ren). The Sitter shall not discuss any personal details with third parties.

4.2      The Sitter shall not post or share any information relating to the childcare service, the User, environment and/or child(ren) in any form on Social Media.


Article 5 Tipping, mediation with other agencies and mutual agreements with Users 

5.1      As a Sitter, you may accept gratuities or other expressions of appreciation from the User. Topsitters does not require to be informed of this.

5.2      The Sitter is free to be mediated by other agencies.

5.3      Mutual bookings (without the intervention of Topsitters) with Users, to which the Sitter is linked via Topsitters, are not permitted. Topsitters charges a fine of €500 per incident to the Sitter.