Ana Maria F

“Creative | Spanish | Finnish | Tutoring | Cooking“

Age: 55
Experience Level: Senior
Rate: €14,00 per hour
Languages: English, French, Spanish

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Talents: Arts & Crafts, Cooking and baking, Drama and creative expression, Drawing, Fashion design, Painting, Tutoring

Specialties: After school care, Evening babysitting, Events, Holidays, Light household work, Overnight

Competences: ,

Meet our nanny; Ana Maria is a true sweetheart and very enthusiastic nanny. She is fond of children.

She has worked as a sitter for almost 5 years now and likes to help children with their homework such as math, English, Geography, History, Science and more. Also she is very creative and likes to do art & craft or build a theater and put on a show together with the kids. Ana Maria loves to cook and also works as a chef.

Likes: To see that everyone is happy around her.
Does not like: Injustice and intolerance.

What her loved ones say about her: she is very hard working, always smiling and has a good heart.

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