Anna-Victoria B

“Spanish | French | Arts & Crafts | Yoga“

Age: 19
Experience Level: Medior
Rate: €11,50 per hour
Languages: English, French, Spanish

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Talents: Arts & Crafts, Basketball, Cooking and baking, English, French, Spanish, Yoga & mindfulness

Specialties: After school care, Evening babysitting, Events, Holidays, Overnight

Competences: Bachelor degree, Philosophy, Politics & Economics, Drivers Licence, First Aid

Meet our nanny Anna Victoria; she is a very enthusiastic, outgoing nanny and great at languages. Her mother is Mexican, her father French and went to an International school.

She studies Philosophy, Politics and Economics at the VU in Amsterdam.
She loves to play Basketball, is very creative and does Yoga herself to calm her busy mind.

What other say about Anna: She is sensible, caring and loving.She is very good with children and get a very special connection with them.
Loves: Helping others.
Does not like: Violence, aggression, global warming.

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