Arelle C

“Cheerleading | Dance | Arts & Crafts“

Age: 19
Experience Level: Senior
Rate: €12,00 per hour
Languages: Dutch, English

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Talents: Arts & Crafts, Ballet, Breakdance, Cooking and baking, Dance, Guitar, Hiphop & Streetdance, Jazz ballet, Nature, Other dance forms, Salsa, Sports, Zumba, gaming

Specialties: After school care, Babies (0 – 6 months), Babies (6 months – 2 Years), Evening babysitting, Events, Holidays, Light household work, Overnight, Primary schools, Special needs

Competences: HBO Entrepreneurship, Drivers Licence, First Aid, Owns a Vehicle

Arelle is a responsible young lady who is motivated and determined to achieve her goals. Moreover, she is sweet and helpful, she will always be there for her loved ones at any cost. She is independent and enterprising, Arelle wouldn’t easily lose her focus.

Arelle is great at cheerleading and dancing. She also loves cooking, nature, and most of all being busy. Arelle seldom sits still. She will proactively undertake the best activities suitable for your children. She also has a driver’s license and a car. So super mobile. She comes from a large family with no less than 6 sisters. She has always helped with her younger sisters within the family. We are proud to have Arelle on our team!

Loves: good food, socializing, fun activities
Dislikes: negativity

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