Imane M

“New-borns, math | singing | basketball | loving character!“

Age: 21
Experience Level: Junior
Rate: €8,00 per hour
Languages: Arabic, Dutch, English

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Talents: Arabic, Arts & Crafts, Basketball, Clay modeling, Drawing, Dutch, English, General, History, Information Technology, Math, Music, Painting, Programming, Singing, Tutoring, Yoga & mindfulness

Specialties: After school care, Babies (0 – 6 months), Evening babysitting, Events, Special needs

Competences: Integral safety science, Certificate of Conduct

Meet our nanny Imane; a calm, friendly young nanny that loves to sing and play basketball.

The type, if you get into a fight with, you have to question yourself because she owns a heart of gold. She grew up with two brothers whom she has helped take care of since she was a baby.
She studies integral safety science, loves history and mathematics and enjoys to sing. She is also good at basketball and programming. Besides these skills she is the sweetest for the really little ones.

Loves: A nice outfit, the sound of rain tapping against the window, a good book and harry potter movies.
Does not like: Unfairness and no justice.
What others say: That she is lovingly, caring, honest person with a soft heart.

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