Mariajose H

“Arts | Ballet | Horse-riding | Spanish | German | French | English“

Age: 22
Experience Level: Medior
Rate: €11,50 per hour
Languages: English, French, German, Spanish

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Talents: Arts & Crafts, Ballet, Boxing, Cooking and baking, Drawing, English, German, History, Horse-riding, Language teaching, Nature, Painting, Spanish

Specialties: After school care, Babies (6 months – 2 Years), Evening babysitting, Light household work, Special needs

Competences: Sociology, UvA, Drivers Licence, First Aid

Mariajose is a very kind, talented and creative lady. She speaks 4 languages, of which German, Spanish and English very fluent. She went to a German primary school in Lima, Peru, and now lives in Amsterdam to study Sociology. Her true passions are painting en drawing which she has been doing from an early age. Also she has been dancing ballet from her 7th until her 17th year. She has done lots of volunteerwork for children with special needs and horse-riding. She has done lots of horse-riding in Peru when she was younger and her dream is continue this now that she is living in Amsterdam.
Also she completed a first-aid course in 2016

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