Muktar B

“Babies | Tutoring | Volleyball | Cycling | Board games“

Age: 29
Experience Level: Senior
Rate: €14,50 per hour
Languages: English

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Talents: Geography, Hiphop & Streetdance, History, Math, Science, Tutoring, Volleyball

Specialties: After school care, Babies (6 months – 2 Years), Evening babysitting, Events, Overnight

Competences: Bachelor degree Psychology & Sociology,

Meet our nanny Muktar; She is a very kind and strong woman. She is an experienced nanny that can help your children with Maths, Geo and more.

Muktar has been babysitting her little cousins since she was 15 years old (youngest being 6 months old) and has been working as a nanny for more than a year with a Dutch family.

She is very clever and therefore likes to tutor and helping children by teaching them maths, geography, history, science and English. She is very good at volleyball and a huge fan of board games and chess. She also loves to cycle and has even cycled to Amersfoort back and forth. She has completed her study Psychology and Sociology and will continue with a Master at the University of Amsterdam. Muktar speaks English and a little bit of Dutch.

Interesting to know is that Muktar has worked for a European Union funded program in Kenya for 3 years that focus on child developmental psychology and the overall wellbeing of primary school children whether at school or at home. The program was ideally to create a safe space for primary school children to aid their learning and retention and to detect post traumatic and other stress manifestations so as to provide on time basis the necessary psychosocial support they may require to be effective and productive both at home and at school.
For 3 years she also led the education team in organizing and carrying out activities in friendly school/home activities.

Loves: Animals, especially cats and dogs.
Does not like: People who are mean to one another or look down on someone.

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