Nadia T

“Empowerment! Pedagogically trained loves sports, responsible, warm and caring“

Age: 36
Experience Level: Senior
Rate: €15,00 per hour
Languages: Arabic, Dutch, English

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Talents: Arabic, Arts & Crafts, Boxing, Cooking and baking, Dance, Drama and creative expression, Dutch, English, General, Gymnastics, Hiphop & Streetdance, History, Information Technology, Language teaching, Languages, Music, Nature, Salsa, Sports, Tutoring, Vlogging & video editing

Specialties: After school care, Babies (0 – 6 months), Babies (6 months – 2 Years), Evening babysitting, Events, Overnight, Primary schools, Special needs

Competences: SPH, Certificate of Conduct, Drivers Licence, Owns a Vehicle, Pedagogically trained

Meet our nanny Nadia; she is an English, Arabic and Dutch speaking nanny with dance skills.

Nadia is now a successful sales manager in ICT. However, before that she is socially educated and has gained work experience in (youth) care and nurseries. She likes the fact that through Topsitters she can breathe new life into her old profession and transfer her passion and talents to the younger generation. Nadia is a nanny with many talents. She is a good dancer, always thinks in ways and solutions and she is a woman who goes for empowerment. A special thing to tell is that Nadia was miss charm in 2011/2012. Then you will be an ambassador for the South-East district for a year. She has set an example for knowledge transfer, ambition, equality for women and empowerment.

Loves: Eating, traveling, theme parks, sports, making dances.
Does not like: awakening her, dishonest.
What others say: A proven go-getter. A person who keeps growing and learning despite her setbacks. Someone who knows how to tackle challenges and unknown situations.

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