Natália F

“Drawing | Creative | Ballet | Cooking | Portuguese“

Age: 30
Experience Level: Senior
Rate: €13,50 per hour
Languages: English, Portuguese

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Talents: 3D Modeling, Arts & Crafts, Ballet, Carpenting, Clay modeling, Cooking and baking, Dance, Drawing, Engineering, Hiphop & Streetdance, Jazz ballet, Painting

Specialties: After school care, Babies (6 months – 2 Years), Evening babysitting, Events, Light household work

Competences: BA Architecture & Interior Design, First Aid

Meet our Nanny Natalia: English and Portuguese speaking dancer that loves being creative!

Natalia has been working as a Nanny Au Pair for more than 3 year, where she looked after a young babies and older children. She is very creative and enjoys to recycle materials and boxes to craft them into houses, fire engines or other projects. Also she has worked a ballet teacher for 5 years, where she teaches children Jazz ballet, classical ballet and hip hop. She has studied architecture and interior design which makes that she is supper good at drawing, painting, 3D modeling and more. She speaks fluent English and Portuguese, and understand Spanish very well.

Loves: Board games and teaching children.
Does not like: When her efforts are not appreciated.

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