Jordi v

“Piano | Tutoring Math and Science | First Aid“

Age: 25
Experience Level: Junior
Rate: €17,00 per hour
Languages: Dutch, English, German

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Talents: Cooking and baking, Gymnastics, Math, Nature, Piano, Science, Yoga & mindfulness

Specialties: After school care, Evening babysitting, Light household work, Primary schools

Competences: Studies Medicine at UvA, Drivers Licence, First Aid

Jordi is a very enthusiastic and energetic sitter. He is very sociable and his true passion is playing the piano.

He even did a course (EPTA degree level C). Also he is very good in Maths and Science and would be very happy to help children with their school Math or Science as a tutor on a both primary and high school level.
Jordi did a mindfulness course and is very good at Trampoline gymnastics.

He finished his medical degree and has a gap year before taking on his next medical study. Therefore he is available for whole days, but also after school and evenings. Once a week he works at a hospital where he takes blood from patients for health checks. Through his study he has done an extensive first aid course for both children and adults.

Loves: To play board games, travel, healthy cooking and baking.
Does not like: People who are not sincere.

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