Sterre K

“Our professional Opera Singer! & so mutch more talents!“

Age: 28
Experience Level: Senior
Rate: €20,00 per hour
Languages: Dutch, English, German

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Talents: Cooking and baking, Drama and creative expression, Dutch, English, German, Language teaching, Music, Piano, Singing, Tutoring

Specialties: After school care, Babies (6 months – 2 Years), Evening babysitting, Events, Light household work, Primary schools, Special needs

Competences: Conservatorium Classical Singing & University of Amsterdam Dutch Language and Literature, Certificate of Conduct, Drivers Licence

Meet our nanny Sterre; Sterre is a talented musically educated woman, intelligent, sweet and with a sense of humor. Children of all ages quickly feel at ease with her.

Sterre has taken care of children from an early age, has even done an apprenticeship at a nursery and nowadays she also teaches music and singing (opera).

Besides music (including piano, history and contemporary knowledge, musicals) and singing Sterre is also fantastic in languages. She studied Dutch and therefore this language has no secrets for her. She likes to read, is active, loves the open air, treasure hunts, cooking, baking (cakes) and so on.

Sterre can create a nice, active, (musical) environment for every child of any age.

Loves: Music, the sunshine, great food, sleeping in.
Does not like: People without a sense of humor, crowded streets.

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