Sylvana T

“Hungarian | Horse riding | Nature | Piano“

Experience Level: Senior
Rate: €11,50 per hour
Languages: Dutch, English, Hungarian, Spanish

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Talents: Arts & Crafts, Hockey, Horse-riding, Language teaching, Nature, Piano, Tutoring

Specialties: After school care, Babies (0 – 6 months), Babies (6 months – 2 Years), Evening babysitting, Events, Light household work, Overnight, Primary schools, Special needs

Competences: Leisure and Hospitality, Drivers Licence, Owns a Vehicle

Sylvana is a topsitter who is familiar with many languages. Namely, Dutch, English, Hungarian and Spanish. She is sweet and patient with children. She is also an enterprising woman. She loves nature and loves (taking care of) animals. She also likes to ride horses. She runs her own horse rental in Africa.

She can also help your child learn to play the piano and she likes to do that herself.
She played field hockey when she was a teenager. She’ll pick that up in a minute. Sylvana loves children and children love Sylvana.

loves: seeing other people happy
What lovedones say: Sylvana is an adventurous young woman who loves to help people! She loves nature, children and animals ! Loves to do things.
Doesnt like: Unhappy children

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