Alaa A

“Violin | Piano | Guitar |Tennis | Arts“

Age: 35
Experience Level: Senior
Rate: €17,50 per hour
Languages: Arabic, English, Italian

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Talents: Basketball, Cooking and baking, Drawing, Football, Guitar, Music, Nature, Painting, Piano, Tennis, Violin, Vlogging & video editing, Yoga & mindfulness

Specialties: After school care, Events, Light household work, Primary schools

Competences: Conservatory Beirut, Music and Film academy Florence,

Babysitter Alaa: A multilingual sitter that can teach your children how to play piano, guitar and violin!

Alaa is a true musician and comes from an artistic and musical family. He was a teacher of music at private schools and gave tutoring and private lessons, teaching violin, guitar and piano lessons. Alaa has studied at the music and film academy in Florence and did the Conservatory in Beiroet. He has a true passion for helping people and especially children. He has done lots of volunteer work at refugee camps in Lebanon, Italy, Bulgaria and Greece.

What makes him happy: to be able to learn new things and share his knowledge and experience with people. He loves playing music for little kids and old people and anyone who feel down and sad.
Does not like: War.
What his loved ones say about him: He is a generous and empathic soul who gives his time and energy to make others happy. A talented musician who is in love with music. A smart and sensitive person who knows how to reach to others.

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