Superheroes are sometimes scared too

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Superheroes are sometimes scared too

Let me tell you a personal story about the fact that superheroes are sometimes scared too. My little boy Valentijn, now 7, got his swimming certificate B and was allowed to choose if he would go for his C certificate. He is not exactly the most sporty man and I have to admit that I was surprised when he said he wanted to go for his C. Perseverance on the other hand, that’s really his thing! Yet he underestimated his choice.

For weeks Valentine reluctantly went to swimming lessons and I found it quite difficult to deal with this. What do you say to your little guy, ‘persevere’? Or do you say “you can quit it”?

During my own personal training with Eddy also known as my superhero, I talked about my dilemma. Eddy told me about his own experience as a child and that he thought swimming lessons were also terrible. Nowadays, Eddy himself is a great sportsman and boxer. The type I sometimes say funny about. If you quarrel with Eddy you were a “tart” yourself (or to be specified in the power term).


Being scared doesn’t mean that you can’t be big, strong and tough

Eddy was resolute and said he wanted to see Valentine the next week instead of me. Instead of swimming, Valentine was allowed to take his first boxing lesson with Eddy. When I told Valentine that Eddy was going to learn to box with him and he, that tough big superhero, was also afraid of swimming lessons, saw his thunderclouds clear up. Apparently you can be scared and that doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t be big, strong and tough at the same time. The admiration in the eyes of my little boy for Eddy was there! Wonderful to see and what a beautiful message.

My buttocks may not be as tight in summer because ‘my’ hour with Eddy will be handed over to Valentine from now on. But with love, so much love! This is what Denise and I stand for, let children find their passion(s) and be(come) strong, self-confident humans. Literally and figuratively.

We have discovered a passion of Valentine.


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Mildred Riggleman
Mildred Riggleman

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