We are counting down the days before the school will reopen again. Until then, both kids and parents will have to learn from home. Read our tips to make homeschooling fun for kids and for parents.


Tip #1: A fun search game Dictee

Most kids find Dictee boring. This trick will make it more fun and interactive for everyone! One writes down the Dictee words on yellow Post-Its and hides them in and around the house. The other child will search for the Post-its. Once they found it, they will read whats on it and write it down on a piece op paper themselves.


Tip #2: Draw what you read

Want to get creative in promoting your kids reading comprehension? On the website of Zwijsen (Brings learning to life) you can find different tips on teaching children in a fun way. One of them is ‘Draw what you read’.

With this activity “Draw what you read”, children playfully create a performance for a story they get (or better yet: choose for themselves). An important skill that supports reading comprehension. If you click on the link to their website, you’ll find al the documents needed.

– Print the teacher text, copy sheet 7, on white paper.
– Print out the sample exercise, copy sheet 8, for all children.
– Print out copy sheet 9 for all children.
– Prepare copy sheet 9 on a work shelf and add colored pencils and / or markers.
– Take a picture of the materials on the work shelf and attach them to the planning board.

– Start by reading the first text on copy sheet 7.
– Tell the children to read this text again, and ask them to take a picture in their head of what they see before they hear it.
– Give turns: what do the children envision?
– Also treat text 2 and 3.
– Hand out the sample exercise, copy sheet 8.
– The children read the story. Then you discuss the assignment.
– The children read the story again and carry out the assignment.
– Then give the instruction to copy sheet 9.


Tip #3: Board Games

Another super fun way to practice children to read and maths is playing boardgames with them, such as; Yahtzee, Rummikub or Scrabble.


Tip #4: Dictation

Another fun way to make it fun for your kids is to write words or phrases with chalk on the street or with special markers from the brand Edding. With these (removable) markers kids can write phrases/words on windows. Which off course makes it extra fun for them!


We hope you like our tips to make homeschooling fun for kids. Topsitters wishes you and your kids lot’s of teaching fun!