As Sinterklaas is almost packing up, Christmas is just around the corner and we are slowly getting into the Christmas mood. The school break up for almost two weeks, so time get yourself prepared for some winter fun. At Topsitters we have listed all of the fun activities, that will keep children, parents and sitters busy for the next period.

Ice skating

Here you can find a list were to ice skate this season for young and old.
Ice skating

The Dutch love ice skating and each year we hope that the famous Elfstedentocht finally will take place. The last one was held in 1997, since then it has not been cold enough to do ‘eleven city tour’ contest on natural ice. But fortunately we are blessed with nice artificial ice skatig rinks. Here you can find a list were to ice skate this season for young and old even when it is not cold enough dor staking on nature ice;

  • An absolute must go to this season is the epic Jaap Edenbaan in Amsterdam Oost. There is a large ice skating rink outside, but as well an indoor area. Throughout the holidays the Jaap Edenbaan organizes lots of activities and disco skating on Friday evenings (youth sentiment), check the website for more details and info.
  • At the Gelderlandplein which closes at 6.00 pm on weekdays and 7.00 pm on Saturdays. Parents can enjoy a coffee while the kids are skating on the mini rink. No need to bring skates, you can rent them at the rink.
  • In November the Museumplein in Amsterdam, once again, has turned into the most beautiful ice experience in the Netherlands. Ice*Amsterdam is the meeting place where you and your friends and family can enjoy a hot mug of chocolate milk, take the most beautiful winter photos with the Rijksmuseum in the background and skate under the replica of de Magere Brug (the Skinny Bridge).
  • Also this year, there will be an ice rink and food chalets on Rembrandtplein. The ice rink provides many Amsterdammers from young to old with the necessary ice fun. Just like in 2018 there are also free skating lessons.
  • In Amstelveen, there will be a complete Winter Village with ice skating rink from December 7 till January 5. Around the rink you’ll find shops, bars and restaurants.

Museums and other indoor activities this holiday.

  • The eighth edition of Amsterdam Light Festival takes place from 28 November 2019 until 19 January 2020. Get inspired by Light Art.
  •  From July 1, the Beurs van Berlage will be exhibiting in Amsterdam, its smallest exhibition ever! The works are so incredibly small that they are almost invisible to the naked eye and you need a special magnifying glass to admire them. Think for example of a rose in a hollowed-out human hair, the famous Night Watch on a pumpkin seed.
  • Artis Zoo is open every day, with a regular schedule of feedings and caretaker talks, as well as special programs. Get more out of your visit to ARTIS. For example with a tour or an exciting space trip in the Planetarium. Every day there are other activities on the agenda.

Amsterdam’s incredible museums are always a good option when it gets too cold outside or if you just want to enjoy some art and history. Here are links to several museums in the city;

Christmas shows to visit with kids

  • The World Christmas Circus is celebrating its 35th anniversary this year in a grand and festive way. The crème de la crème from the international circus world shines in the Royal Theater Carré in Amsterdam. The audience is treated to winners and award-winning acts from the biggest circus festivals in the world.
  • In the stadium of Rotterdam, Ahoy, this year Disney on Ice will be held. Join Disney in an adventurous world full of heart-warming stories from the Disney kingdom. Disney On Ice presents Magic Ice Festival.
  • In Ziggo, the Christmas Show will perform on December 21. For the anniversary edition of The Christmas Show, one of the world’s most beloved stories is central. In Doornroosje and de Kerstprins, the classic story of the beautiful sleeping beauty is transformed into a Christmas fairy tale.

Topsitters wishes you a happy and joyful Christmas season!

P.S.: And if you need a sitter to do all these fantastic activities with you kids, let us know!