Spring break ideas for kids

Of course, we had all hoped to be able to return to our old lives around this time, but unfortunately for our safety we will have to follow the measures that have been taken in the near future.
If you can go outside with the kids, Topsitters has listed some fun indoor / outdoor Spring break ideas for kids.


Spring break tip to make your own insect hotel

Spring butterfly on flower

Natuurmonumenten has a step-by-step plan online for making an insect hotel so that you can place it on your balcony or garden.


Idea for kids to make their own bird house during spring

Natuurmonumenten also has a DIY Bird House. On their website you can download the blueprint for the construction.


  • wooden boards (for dimensions see the construction drawing) treated with protective stain.
  • nails, screws or glue
  • saw
  • drill

This is how you make the nest box:

  • Saw the planks yourself or have the parts cut at the timber trade.
  • Drill a hole at the top of the piece that will be the front, this will be the flight opening for the bird. Below you can see what size you need for which bird.
  • Then screw, nail or glue the parts together. Note: do not glue the roof!
  • Now drive a nail through the mounting lath (see construction drawing) to attach your box to the tree or wall.

Air vent dimensions:

  • blue tit 26-mm
  • black tit 26 mm
  • crested tit 26 mm
  • great tit 30-32 mm


  • Hang the nest box in a quiet place so that the birds feel safe and dare to enter.
  • Make sure that no branches hang directly in front of the opening.
  • Hang it facing east (morning sun).
  • Make sure the nest box is sheltered from the wind and out of reach of cats.
  • Hang the nest box securely so that it cannot swing or fall.

Spring break idea for a birdnest box


Grow your own plants or vegetables in a pot or in the garden

If you have a pot and seeds at home, plant it. Place the pot in a sunny spot in your home and watch the seeds grow and bloom. Educational and fun!

Kid playing in spring garden


Make funny faces with sea shells during Spring break

Do you have any sea shells at home that you found on holiday or during a beach walk? Oerrr Natuurmonumenten has a nice idea; make eyes out of clay or wads of damp paper and make nice faces with the sea shells.



Make a outside hut during spring break

If you have a garden and a tent or play tipi, set it up in the garden and make it your own gazebo. Or organize a picnic and eat on a rug in your own garden.

Kid playing in outside hut during spring


Ideas to make your own chain reaction right at home

NEMO Science Museum is known for the chain reaction. A spectacular demonstration of action and reaction with a moving office chair and falling dominoes! Unfortunately, NEMO is temporarily closed. But the chain reaction … you can do it anywhere! Do you want to help build the biggest online chain reaction?


Get creative this Spring break

We at Topsitters, hope that with these tips you and your children will get through the intelligent lockup period fast and with a lot of fun together.

Stay strong and stay healthy and safe!

Topsitters, teaching children skills!