Attention schools! Workshops!


Our goal is to give children a skill set that will be of use to them for the rest of their lives in cooperation with schools and families.

Chess, Game Design, Blind typing, Resilience training, Spanish, Urban dance, Graffiti, Circus, Theatre, Singing, Bellydancing, Ballet, Cooking/Baking and so much more!!!!. All tailored to your and the children’s wishes.

We arrange everything; the flyers, dates, payments, registrations, and so on. Beforehand we will discuss with you which classrooms or other spaces are suitable and available for the workshops. The School only has to introduce us and the workshops to all the children and/or parents through email or any other communication method. After that, we take over and do our magic.

The workshops take place the first hour after school. The children drink / eat a small snack after which their workshop starts. Usually these are series of 10 weeks, but again, everything can and may be custom made. After talking to you, we will come up with a proposal specifically tailored to your wishes. Payments go through parents, a workshop can take place if there are enough registrations.

We have a fantastic team! And we are so proud of them! Within the guidelines of RIVM we look at the possibilities to help children develop their talents. Are you curious what we can do for your school? Feel free to contact us and we will then discuss the possibilities. 

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